What is Web Hosting?

Once a website has been created and is ready to go live, it must be placed online and available to the public. Without going into too much detail, you are going to need two things; Web Hosting and a Domain.

A domain normally represents the business name, but the hosting is where the website is virtually kept.
We offer premium grade server hosting in Australia and Central America so everything you need is in one place and you do not need to outsource and find clunky, used and overwhelmed servers.

Find a plan to fit your needs below, or if you are not sure what you need, let us know and we can help.


Find Your Plan


$3.95 /Month
  • cPanel Hosting
  • 5GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Full DNS Zone Editor
  • 2 FTP Accounts
  • 2 Email Accounts
  • 1 Sub Domain


$7.95 /Month
  • cPanel Hosting
  • 10GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Full DNS Zone Editor
  • 2 FTP Accounts
  • 3 Email Accounts
  • 3 Sub Domain


$13.50 /Month
  • cPanel Hosting
  • 15GB SSD Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Full DNS Zone Editor
  • 5 FTP Accounts
  • 5 Email Accounts
  • 5 Sub Domain

Hear from the best…

I first came to Designing National when the company I work for needed a new front end design, after we had completed that, we were offered a deal we could not deny! DN now hosts our website and we have not come across a single issue. As someone who takes client feedback on a delay basis, I can assure everyone that we have received nothing but 100% positive feedback from out website experience.

Have some stats

In the previous 2 years we have been hosting websites and purchasing domains for clients, we have had 0% dowtime, and we strive to keep those numbers to our name.

We have a 99% up time guarantee. So, if you experience unannounced downtime or extended announced downtime, you will be compensated for the month. Take our word for it, in fact, if there is downtime, take a screenshot of this paragraph and rub it in out face… You have our permission!

Our Uptime