Future Projections for the Demand for Architecture Jobs


Our environment is shaped by architects. Working in architecture requires a high level of technical competence in addition to being a creative and fulfilling career option. Fortunately, for those interested in this profession, demand for architects is expected to rise along with population growth and housing needs.

In Australia, architecture is still a lucrative and expanding industry. In Sydney, NSW, Victoria, Queensland, and the ACT, there are particularly well-paying positions available (depending on years of experience). With the increase in demand for architecturally planned structures, there will likely be an increase in the need for architects in the upcoming years.

Architecture is a wide field, with some opting to specialise in fields like sustainable architecture or heritage preservation. Governments, individual businesses, and large-scale enterprises all hire architects. Australia is home to a wide variety of architectural firms, from small boutique studios to significant international conglomerates. Additionally, they frequently provide sketching and interior design work.

Architects are in charge of a number of processes during the building design process. They take part in the initial client consultation, the building’s drafting and design, and its construction. CAD/CAM tools for 3D rendering and animation are commonly used by architects to develop comprehensive blueprints and drawings.

To develop constructible and secure structures, architects also need to have a basic understanding of engineering and physical structures. Architectural expertise in large-scale construction is necessary for construction projects. They must be aware of building regulations and risk management processes. Most will have professional indemnity insurance nsw in place. To create the finished product, architects are frequently required to collaborate with property stylists and interior designers.

Landscape Architects

Parks, complexes, resorts, housing subdivisions, commercial and residential locations, and schools are just a few examples of the outside landscapes that landscape architects specialise in. To ensure functionality and sustainability, they plan and design the layout of these places.

They blend specialised design, building, and scientific expertise in their work. Over the next five years, a very high demand for landscape architects is anticipated. In Australia, there are about 3000 landscape architects in operation.

The need for architects and landscape architects will be quite high over the next five years, according to the Government’s Job Outlook for Architecture. As such, the job market is promising for both home and commercial design.

Building Architects

One of the most well-paid occupations in the nation is building architecture. Building architects are skilled in a variety of disciplines, including design, engineering, and building. Currently, architects in Australia make $1,674 on average per week, which is significantly more than the national average.

Australia’s population is expected to increase in 2022 despite the effects of COVID-19 on migration. Consequently, more people will need homes and infrastructure in order to live comfortably. There will also be a larger need for architects who can use their training to design structures that are both aesthetically beautiful and sustainable.

The demand for draftspeople, often known as draughtsmen, rises as the number of architectural projects rises. Over the past year, there has been a rise in the number of drafting and draftsperson job postings.

Interior design studios are occasionally included in architecture firms. Over the future years, the sector for Australian interior designers is predicted to increase significantly as well.

Qualifications Required to Become an Architect

Architects and landscape architects typically hold bachelor’s and master’s degrees in their respective fields. It takes years of training to become an architect because it is a highly technical profession. Prior to entering the field of architecture, qualified architects must also register with the Architect’s Board.

Check out the Australian Institute of Architects Pathways to Architecture if becoming an architect is something you’re interested in.

Knowledge and Skills

Architects devote years to gaining expertise in their field. An architect needs to have a variety of talents, including the ability to communicate well with stakeholders and clients, the ability to use up-to-date software, an understanding of the construction and building process, assembling data and planning analysis skills, sketching and schematic design skills, the production of 3D models, and paperwork management.