Investing in Quality: Key Pieces Worth the Splurge


When it comes to shopping smart and saving some money, especially during the cost of living, I always recommend that investments are worth it and that goes for your fashion choices as well. Whether you are trying to find your style or are looking to build your capsule wardrobe, these key pieces we’ve gathered will never go out of fashion; they will make every outfit you wear look expensive, which is something most of us are constantly trying to achieve.

While spending money on specific pieces might not seem appropriate for some people, the amount of money you think you are “saving” will most likely need to be replaced before the year is over. From men’s graphic tees to trench coats, you’d much rather have something you know flatters your body type and is versatile. You want to make sure it lasts for years, if not decades, so why not put down one larger payment and thank yourself later?

You won’t be surprised when these pieces, even after years, hold their value. Let’s think of the scenario as trends come and go. Some designers like to do collaborations and eventually, those versions are hard to come by when it comes to the next spike in trend. Let’s say in five years you could be interested in selling this quality piece because you’ve decided to upgrade. There will be people looking for it and willing to spend a pretty penny on it. There are just some brands, designers and pieces that hold their value and if you stick with the word vintage at the beginning, you could potentially make some money on these pieces.

Without further ado, let’s look into all the pieces we think are worth the investment.

Trench Coat

From fashion week to an everyday essential, the trench coat, thanks to the designer Burberry, will never go out of style and that’s true for both men’s and women’s fashion. There isn’t much a trench coat won’t go with. Especially recently, the popularity of this staple has become even more apparent. We’ve seen trickles of it through fashion weeks around the world, so it wouldn’t make sense as to why this fall/winter season isn’t going to see a surge in trench coats.

They have the power to work with a smart office out and, at the same time, elevate a casual outfit while you are running some errands. If you have the means, I’d opt for a light and dark-coloured trench coat and go for popular brands that embrace quality and minimalism, because if there’s anything I’ve learned about trench coats, the best ones are found in stores that focus on quality rather than quantity, such as Arket, COS, and Burberry.

Quality Shirts

This couldn’t come at a better time, as “office core” is becoming a trendy streetwear option among designers and small brands. You’d be investing in something that could be used for both the office and day-to-day wear, which is a dream come true for office workers. Shirts are one of the most important parts of an outfit and for most people, if they are the first thing people look at, you might build your whole outfit around a shirt, so we would recommend you stick to these three points, quality, fit and versatility. So stick your plains, pin strips and maybe throw in a funky one for fun. You can always dress up and down a shirt so it’s important you splurge on these things so they not only survive more than one wash but also look great with anything and everything you wear.

Try brands like Jane Norman, Karen Millen, Boss, Arket and COS. If any brands you know are notorious for their quality and experience with these pieces, then it’s worth the investment.

Loafers and Boots

When it comes to footwear, you should never skip on quality; they are probably the most used item in your wardrobe ever so going for the cheap should never be in the question. It’s not only bad for the environment but also bad for your bank account in the long run. When it comes to finding quality and reliable investment pieces for your wardrobe, you need to ensure they can stand the test of time but are also pretty versatile; therefore, finding leather boots that fit well and are made from quality materials will last years and years (remember to treat them for an even longer life).

Loafers are a perfect option for casual and office attire; therefore, look for brands you can rely on and brave through the wearing-in process. Really good quality shoes you will be surprised you can resell if you ever decide to upgrade or they just aren’t your style anymore. Look at brands like Doc Martens, Clarks, Oliver Sweeny and Belstaff. These companies are renowned for using quality materials and come with guarantees so you do not have to worry about replacing them for a very long time.