Types Of Opals Available In The Australian Opal Shop


Opal is the hydrated amorphous silica form, which is one of the most gorgeous gemstones in the world. It is the birthstone for October month and a good opal can flash every spectrum color with an intensity and quality. Many people consider it a lucky stone and love to wear the jewels made from this one. It will be formed when silica-rich water oozes into deep cracks and voids in the earth’s top. Typically it is separated into two groups: common opal and precious opal. If you wish to buy the best stone, then ensure to choose the reliable Australian opal shop. Continue reading to know the different kinds of opals available in the market. 

Precious Opal

The precious opal flashes sparkling colors when you looked it from various angles. It will occur when the light source or the stone is moved, which is known as the ‘play-of-color’. This opal can flash a few colors like green, blue, orange, red, or purple. This feature makes it the famous gem and the attractiveness of the opal will depend on the diversity, uniformity, intensity to be seen from any angle. 

Common Opal 

The common opal is available in many locations around the world. Most of its specimens will be general in appearance, and it won’t attract any commercial attention. Though few of its varieties will look impressive and colorful they can be cut into gemstones and highly polished. They will be eye-catching and desirable, but they lack play-of-color. This common opal is often cut as a gemstone and sells at an affordable price. 

Fire Opal 

The fire opal is the word used for the colorful, transparent to translucent opal which has a bright background similar to the fire. It will be available in the fire background color such as orange, yellow or red that may or may not display play-of-color. These opal colors will be vibrant and look attractive. The word fire simply refers to the background color, and it is not the play-in color found in the precious stone. 

Matrix Opal 

The matrix opal term is typically used where the stone is intimately gentle as infillings of pores between host rock grains in which it was formed. Most of the matrix opals will be found in sedimentary rocks like limestone, sandstone, chert, or ironstone. In these kinds of rocks, the precious opal has precipitated within the interstitial spaces between sedimentary particles. 

Crystal Opal 

Crystal opal is a semi-translucent opal that sparkles the play-of-color surprise from within the stone as it interacts with light. These opal cabochons create elegant collector’s stones, and it is a challenge for the designers as they must produce a setting that lets the light enter and exit. This must occur in a range of directions to take the whole advantage of its colorful display. Australia was the first crystal opal-rich source, but in recent years, more stones are being produced in Ethiopia. 

End Lines 

You can find the above dazzling opals in the Australian opal shop. Moreover, you can find ample opal stones that look impressive. Choose the best choices as per your taste, and style from the reliable store and use them depending on your needs.