List of Popular Cafes in Brisbane


Planning to visit Brisbane for a pleasurable cafe tour? You’re definitely in for a treat! 

Brisbane’s bustling atmosphere has so much to offer—whether you love to dine in an indoor garden, vintage ambience, eclectic space or modern but iconic cafe style. Spoil yourself from the many choices of coffee, pastries and gourmet treats.

To help you with your bistro venture, we’ve rounded up some of the best cafes in Brisbane you will surely love! 

King Street Bakery 

Bakers in King Street Bakery do their best to perform a special check the very first thing in the morning—testing the moisture and temperature levels in the air and balancing the sourdough recipe altogether. Given their extreme details to their craft, the artisan handmade bread, cakes and tartlets are lusciously tasting. 

Before you grab a seat and expose yourself to the rich aroma of their delectables, be sure to bring friends with you. You’ll definitely want to try everything. 

Location: 20 King Street, Bowen Hills

Mr. Wabi

Though Mr. Wabi is not all about coffees and pastries but cocktails and gourmets brought together, giving meaning to street art and Asian fusion brisbane street food, it plays a special role in bringing people together in a uniquely themed bristo, etching a spot in the heart of Brisbane.

Mr. Wabi’s menu showcases a diversified selection of Asian fusion cuisine paired with an eccentric cocktail selection. Discover the true taste of gourmet goodness here.

Location: Burnett Lane, Brisbane City

Lokal + Co

Looking for a Scandinavian touch in Brisbane? Lokal + Co has a sleek copper, timber and minimalistic-themed cafe that displays its Nordic charms. Think of potato waffles served with salmon pearls, house-cured gravlax and labne. You get to taste their Danish Mary morning cocktail that is similar to Bloody Mary but with a tinge of spicy Aquavit and herb. 

Location: 6 O’Connell Street, Brisbane


A cafe that thinks of, almost, everything. Yes, that’s Plenty for you. With the diverse weather in Brisbane, chilly for a few months but warm for most of the year. Similarly, Plenty got you covered with its wide variety of fusion dishes selection perfect to start your day. Enjoy your dining experience in Plenty, located in this  subtropical paradise, with some ricotta pasta mixed with parmesan, basil, pine nuts and sorrel, and beetroot. 

Location: 284 Montague Road, West End

John Mills Himself

Several best bars, restaurants and cafes are hard to find and John Mills Himself is no exception but the pastries and coffee are exceptional! You’ll be drawn to its coffee and hot chocolates that are, without a doubt, next level. Its coffee sources are from different suppliers such as Small Batch, Wood & Co and Mecca. 

As evening enters, it’s best to try their local brews. 

Location: 40 Charlotte Street, Brisbane

The Soul Pantry

From the outside, it may not look much, but inside, it’s beyond beautiful. It is a cafe and artisan cheese counter with an elegant garden centre. It may look like an odd combination, but you’ll surely like it. 

The Soul Pantry offers an extensive list of pleasant-tasting delectables that it’s hard to pick which ones to dig first. The favourite of many is its cheese puffs that are freshly baked straight from the oven with avocado, quinoa, roasted vegetables and passion fruit dressing. 

Location: 31 Wolverhampton St, Stafford

El’ rosa

El’ rosa is a coffee and tea space where the ambiance fills a picturesque scene because of all-pink design. Whether you want latte, frappe, affogato, strawberry shake and all the niceties of fancy beverages, not to mention your typical refreshing tea, it’s always lovely to bring your bestie with you in El’ rosa.

El’ rosa’s cafe and tea are just impeccable. 

Location: 85 James Street, Fortitude Valley

Wild Canary

Wild Canary is a bistro known for being horticulturally minded, hence the seasons’ rhythms are essentially important to its chefs. It’s not peculiar for both vegans and vegetarians to have second thoughts about cafes, but not at Wild Canary. 

If you’re either a vegan or vegetarian, you get to enjoy the farmer’s vegetarian board, often served with golden halloumi, free-range eggs and roasted or grilled seasonal vegetables. This absolute deli is a great way to begin your day. 

Location: 2371 Moggill Road, Brookfield

Sassafras of Paddington

Want to bring your pet with you while sipping some cafe of your taste? Sassafras is the best place to go to. It is a pet-friendly cafe in Brisbane that offers a puppuccino! Your furbaby will surely love it. 

Putting a strong emphasis on seasonal, local and organic produce, you can never go wrong with the cafe’s dishes. From plump hotcakes made of ricotta with maple syrup to specials like potato and broccoli hash and Cajun chicken. While you’re at it, you can order your pup some home-made dog treats, too. 

Location: 88 Latrobe Terrace, Paddington

Motorwagen Cafe & Restaurant 

Motorwagen is best suited to host a variety of occasions. With its astounding contemporary European style dining hall, the cafe showcases a vintage yet modern menu featuring the best local produce. 

Combined with an amiable team of professionals, Motorwagen aims to give you the highest dining quality experience. They are even working alongside the Mercedes Benz boutique in Brisbane. 

Location: 300 Adelaide Street.


When it comes to fresh produce that is prepared with love for special guests like you, Cicada is the moniker you can trust. You get to enjoy the best dining experience possible with their seasonal a la carte menu choices from breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

Cicada’s amazing service will warm your heart paired with healthy, tasty and hearty dishes and drinks. As night emerges, a bustling Brisbane is where you want to be, and Cicada is the dining place to fulfil your palate’s desire. 

Location: Brisbane CBD, 4000


From classic themed to modern minimalist design, get to choose a wide array of bistro options in Brisbane. Take pictures and create memories to make your dining experience more eventful.