The Role of Social Media in SEO Melbourne


It’s the age of social media, and none of us could deny that. With people from all walks of life showcasing a solid presence on different social media platforms, apps like Instagram and Facebook are very much a part of our lives. So, in such a scenario, if you still haven’t utilised social media to boost your business, you are missing out on a great opportunity. Do you know that today, most people come to know about different businesses through social media? Also, as per statistics, 76% of social media users have purchased something that they came across on social media. This number reflects exactly why social media should be a part of your SEO strategy in Melbourne. For a better understanding, let’s look at the role of social media in search engine optimisation.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

Today, the number of social media users worldwide stands at 4.9 billion. So, when you post content about your business on social media, you make it accessible to this whooping 4.9 billion people. Now, even if just one fraction of this population actually comes across your post and triggers their interest, imagine how far it can take your business. People also tend to trust businesses that have an online presence. So, make sure to invest your time and energy in building a credible social media presence for your business, as it will help you attract your target audience, enhance your conversion rate, and drive sales.

Local SEO Signals

If you still haven’t started geotagging your social media posts, it is high time that you do. When it comes to online content, there are local SEO signals which track your content to trace its relevance to a particular location or population. So, when you geotag your posts, it helps these signals determine which location you are serving and make your content visible to your target audience. So, if you are trying to enhance your visibility in local search results, make sure to geotag your social media posts and optimise them for local searches.

Scope for Backlinks

Every post shared on social media is an opportunity to earn backlinks for your website. As we already mentioned, posting on social media enhances the visibility of your website. Therefore, there are chances of your business coming across a business that might want to use your content as a reference, thus generating backlinks. This increased visibility and engagement helps you create a strong backlink profile, building on the credibility and trustworthiness of your business.

Quick Access to Your Business 

Your social media channels offer your potential customers a quick insight into your business and give them an incentive to engage with you. Your social media handles will have your basic contact information, and if your social media content is well-optimised, it will reflect the full trajectory of your business operations. By just scanning your social media, potential customers can gather all the necessary information and decide whether they wish to engage further or not. So, make sure to constantly update your business information on social media, including the link to your website, so that all visitors can take the desired actions without any delay.

Increase Website Traffic 

When it comes to SEO in Melbourne, the key role of social media is to drive traffic to your website. Your social media handles become a touchpoint from where potential customers find entry into your business world. Suppose you create a post related to your product or service, and it triggers the interest of your potential customers; the next thing they will do is follow your website link. Another way social media posts can help increase website traffic is through your blog posts. Sharing interesting snippets from your blog on social media gives the viewers the incentive to read the complete blog. Thus taking them to your website.

Influencer Collaborations 

The reach that social media influencers have these days is just brilliant. When you partner with some local influencers or bloggers, you get to partake in their audience base and drive more traffic to your website and, therefore, business. More importantly, these influencers do have some influence over their viewers. So, if they promote your product or service, it will build credibility for your business and, therefore, help you increase your sales rate. In this sense, social media, as a part of your SEO strategy, goes beyond just posting content; it’s about building connections that might be favourable for your business.


That explains the role that social media plays in SEO in Melbourne. So, if you still haven’t used the social media wave in favour of your business, it is high time you do so. It can help gain your business the desired traction and take your business to greater heights. While entirely free in the beginning, you can eventually turn into an investor via paid marketing campaigns and influencer collaborations and give your business a much-required boost. At Make My Website, our social media experts are known for their social media campaigns that convert. We are aware of what sells and how social media can help you with your SEO strategy and promote the overall growth of your business. So, if you are looking for a team that can manage your social media handles and your websites, contact us today. We will offer customised solutions that best cater to your needs, industry standards, and requirements.