Tips To Improve Your Confidence In The Gym


If you’re heading to the gym and you’re struggling with your confidence, then we’re here to help with some tips to boost your confidence. We understand that it can be overwhelming in the gym, however, you must remember that everyone pays the same amount to be there and you have every right to use any equipment in there! With a few simple tips to help you boost your confidence, you’ll be well on your way to feeling great in the gym as you deserve to. 

Plan Your Workouts

One thing that often affects people’s confidence in the gym is when they don’t know what to do and end up wandering around feeling quite awkward. So, we’d definitely recommend that you plan out your workouts so you know what you’re doing when you get there. Make a little note in your phone of what you want to do, then you have a guide to follow. If you’re not sure about the kinds of exercising you should be doing in the gym, you could either look to get a PT to guide you through your first few sessions, or you could go onto YouTube and search for “Beginners Leg Workout” or “Beginners Ab Workout” and then you’ll get so much inspiration. 

Start with lower weights whilst you get the form right and then you can gradually build. We’d recommend having a couple of different ways planned to do an exercise if it uses equipment that tends to get busy, for example if you’re going to do squats, you should write down to either do them on the squat rack or using a dumbbell in the free weights section to give you options if equipment isn’t available. 

Go Out Of Peak Hours If Possible

If the thing that makes you less confident is a really busy gym where it’s difficult to have enough space to work out properly, then going to the gym out of peak hours is a great thing to do. Not only does it make your gym membership cheaper a lot of the time, but it also gives you more space and freedom in the gym to try different things whilst you’re getting used to the space. Peak times tend to be in the morning before work and straight after work, so just find out from your gym when the peak hours are to see if that would fit around your schedule, or try out classes (we will get onto this next).

Try Gym Classes

If you’re a complete beginner, then a fantastic way to build your confidence is to try out gym classes. Ask for a timetable at your gym and then you can also ask which classes are suitable for beginners, a lot of the time most classes will be okay for any ability as the instructor will make suggestions about how to alter movements for different ability levels. There is also plenty of guidance from the instructor so you will know that you’re performing different moves safely. The great thing about classes that are included in your gym membership is that you can try lots of different things, from weight based classes to circuits, yoga to dance classes and so much more. Get to the class with plenty of time to tell your instructor that you’re new to the class and you can also get a space slightly further back if that makes you feel more confident as well. Another great benefit of classes is that there are a limited number of spaces, so you know that they’re not going to be overcrowded or anything, another good benefit if a busy gym is something that makes you nervous. 

Get Yourself Great Outfits That Support You

One thing that can really affect confidence in the gym is wearing outfits that you don’t love. If an outfit doesn’t fit properly, doesn’t support you and doesn’t feel great, it can really impact your confidence when you’re in the gym. You want to wear outfits that will allow you to smash any workout without thinking about being supported or you lacking confidence. So, get yourself a great gym set with supportive sports bras and gym leggings that you feel confident in, and you’ll be so much more excited to wear it and get in the gym! Try a few different brands as every brand is slightly different when it comes to gymwear, so don’t stop looking until you find something that is a great fit for you! 

Final Thoughts

We understand that the gym can be an overwhelming place, however hold your head up high and follow these tips to help boost your confidence! Every person in the gym started somewhere, so just remember that and know that you deserve to be there just as much as anyone else.